Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meat Grading & Inspection

Meat Inspection = Safe and Wholesome Beef

The wholesomeness of the U.S. meat supply is ensured by meat inspection.  All meat that is sold must, by law, pass inspection.  Meat products are among the most highly regulated and supervised products in the food supply.  Everyone pays for meat inspection through taxes.

Meat Grading = Taste and Tenderness

Meat grading is administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Beef quality grades indicate palatability characteristics such as tenderness, juiciness and flavor.  There are eight quality grades for beef which reflect the amount of marbling (fat within the lean), firmness, color and texture of the beef, and the maturity of the animal. 

Grading is optional and paid for by meat processors.  More than half of the beef available is graded. 

Generally, only three grades are identified and sold to restaurants and at retail:

Prime Cut Steak
Choice Cut Steak

Prime has the most marbling.  It usually is sold to restaurants, although some specialty meat markets and supermarkets may carry it. 
–Poole’s Meat Market Does Sell!-
Choice cuts tend to have a little less marbling, but enough to have quality flavor and tenderness.  Choice is the most widely available grade in the market.
–Poole’s Meat Market Does Sell!

Select Cut Steak

Select has the least amount of marbling, making it leaner but often less juicy and flavorful than the other two grades. Poole’s Meat Market Does Not Sell Select-

At Poole’s Meat Market, we only carry the high-end Choice and Prime Cuts--this ensures that you are getting the highest quality we can buy with the most flavor and tenderness!  

All of our Beef & Pork is from the USA and contains no fillers, binders or preservatives.  

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