Thursday, July 19, 2012

Safe Summer Cooking Tips

Did you know that cooking food to its’ required minimum internal temperature is the only way to reduce the amount of bacteria in food items? The minimum temperature changes based on what item you are preparing; having an accurate thermometer keeps you and your family safe from harm!

Below are some common items with the correct temperatures to reach for at least 15 seconds:

Ground Beef, Pork & other ground meats:       155 F
Steaks:                                                                     145 F
Poultry:                                                                   165 F
Fish:                                                                         145 F
Pork, Veal & Lamb:                                              145 F
Temperature can be reduced per request, example: ordering a Rare Steak

Temperature is just one factor for staying clear of foodborne illnesses. 

Other important factors include:   hand-washing, not cross-contaminating, using clean surfaces, cutting boards and utensils during preparation and properly covering and storing food after cooked. 

Keep these tips in mind to keep you, your friends and family safe this summer!