Thursday, July 12, 2012

Frozen Fruit & Vegetable News

Frozen Fruit & Vegetable News

This is going to be a challenging year with the supply of frozen fruits. You can expect price increases and shortages.  The weather always plays a role in what happens to our Fruits and Vegetables and this year is no exception.  Because of the warm spring and late frost many farmers have lost their crops for this year.

We expect the following items to be short or not available until later in the season.  Of course, weather can change the harvest time forward or backwards depending upon how warm or cool the summer develops.  Listed below are approximate times and supply quantities.

Products:                                Current Status:             Expected New Pack Arrival:

Red Pie Cherries                    limited                   available first of July

Dark Sweet Cherries          none available     end July/first of Aug.

Blackberries                           very limited           first/mid/July

Black Raspberries                  available              first/mid of July

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