Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's Causing Rising Beef Prices?

What’s causing Rising Beef Prices?

The price of beef has hit an all-time high and experts expect prices to rise even more throughout 2012 and possibly beyond. Multiple factors have influenced the rise in beef prices:

 v Last Summer’s Drought in Texas & Oklahoma:

~Almost a quarter of American cattle are raised in these states and the drought provided little pasture for cattle to graze and caused 4 million acres to be burnt in wildfires

~Farmers were forced to sell, not only their feeder cattle, but also the mamas to make ends meet. Selling moms means no young cattle to raise

~U.S. Beef exports are high and recovering the beef supply is not a quick fix due to gestation and time to grow; so supply will be lower for at least 18-24 months

 v Supply is low and demand is high!
~This textbook economic situation means prices rise~

 v Corn is High:

~Market cattle eat corn which helps create internal marbling for higher USDA grades.

~Corn prices have lowered slightly, but are still high because of demand for not only food but ethanol.

~Bottom line, it costs more to raise the cattle and costs are passed on to the consumers.

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